Lateef Salami

Lateef Salami

Director of Operations

Engr. Lateef Salami is a versatile power system engineer with two decades experience. He has extensive knowledge and experience of the Nigerian power sector having worked as consultant or contractor on various generation, transmission and distribution projects and facilities. An expert Protection, Control & Metering (PC&M) engineer, he was head of a team of engineers that handled the specialist commissioning activities on HV and MV power equipment such as Gas Turbine Generators (GTG), Generator Step up Transformers (GSUT), Generator Circuit Breakers (GCB), Isolated Phase Bus Ducts (IPBD) and Auxiliary Transformers of differing capacities at various electrical installations throughout Nigeria Engr Salami is a specialist in integrity measurement and commissioning of Power plant and substation earthing systems.

He has severally been involved in the deployment of cutting-edge engineering solutions in onshore and offshore Oil & Gas facilities. With the privatisation of the power sector, Salami has severally been involved in the advocacy and protection of the rights of electricity consumers through his deep knowledge and understanding of energy sector policies and regulations in Nigeria.

He is leading a team in the provision of energy accounting and revenue optimisation services to a power Distribution Company. He has attended various trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops both in Nigeria and Overseas with such organisations as Centrax Gas Turbines, Omicron, ABB and VATECH-Reyrolle. Having participated in various stages of EPC projects from conception to commissioning, operation and maintenance, Lateef has at various times been involved in either the design, specification, procurement, erection, installation, testing, commissioning startup and acceptance and/or maintenance of power equipment and facilities.